Cake printing

What is cake printing?

Cake printing allows you to print photographs and other designs onto specially prepared icing sheets using food safe inks. You can line a whole cake with someone's photo and personalised message for a birthday cake or place a company logo on a batch of cupcakes to promote your business, the limit is your imagination. Printing can also be made onto rice paper that can then be moulded to sugar paste decorations

We offer a full design service so you're not limited to simple text and graphics, if you can think it we can do it!

We currently stock A4 sized icing sheets, A4 rice paper and 2 inch cupcake toppers that come 12 to a sheet. The A4 sheets can be cut to any shape. Printing is available for you to be able to place on your own cakes or added to our products.


Everything is edible, the icing and paper is specifically designed for printing on and the inks are food safe

Please contact us for more details and pricing.

An A4 icing sheet

Patterns printed onto toppers and added to sugarpaste surboards

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